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Non-Adhesive Animal Cage Labels


Glue-FreeTAG™ labels have a novel design that allows them to adhere to flat as well as large-diameter curved surfaces without any adhesive or glue. These adhesive-free labels use static cling to adhere to a variety of polypropylene and glass surfaces, including animal cages, Pyrex bottles, labware, aquariums, fish tanks, windows, and much more. Their unique glove friendly design makes these glue-free labels easy to use, capable of being re-positioned without ever leaving behind any adhesive residue. Ideal for the identification of surfaces and containers where, use of or sensitivity to, adhesive or glue might be an issue.

Available in a variety of colours, these static cling labels make identification quick and easy by allowing you to colour-code your material. These animal cage labels are durable and waterproof, as well as resistant to ethylene oxide gas sterilization (60-minute exposure to 759 mg/L of gas, at 55°C, and 40-80% relative humidity).

Writable with ball point pens as well as permanent markers, Glue-FreeTAG™ labels can also be printed with all major commercially available thermal transfer printers (CAB, Citizen, Datamax-O’neil, Zebra, etc.). We recommend they be used with our WR-class of wax-resin ribbons.

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