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Self-Laminating Perforated Tape


Calibration and maintenance, permanent, self-laminating, continuous, hand writable tape. Ideal for all fields of industry that require clear and accurate identification as well as tracking of instruments, equipment and machines periodically serviced or inspected. Providing the ability to produce on-demand laminated labels for durable identification of routinely inspected tools and equipment used in dimensional, electrical, electronic, flow, force, mass, pressure, temperature and humidity disciplines. The write-on tape is also suitable for labelling merchandise, labware (pH meters, pipettes), office material, and much more.

Protect your information against a range of harsh conditions such as outdoor storage, water, oils, detergents, chemical spills, friction, and even sanding with a Dremel™® tool. The laminated tape labels are made of a durable thermoplastic film, specifically selected to accept smudge-proof writing with pens (ballpoint, gel) and markers. Moreover, the roll format tape is provided with equally spaced perforations making it easy to cut the exact length you require.

Once laminated the labels/tags can resist exposure to water, wear-and-tear and outdoor conditions, such as chemicals, wide temperature ranges and even UV and gamma irradiation. The laminated tape labels can also withstand scratching and abrasion, making them ideal for use in warehouses, storage areas, laboratory environments and worksites. The self-laminating calibration tape can also be folded-over onto itself, generating a double-sided adhesive-free tag.

This self-laminating tape can be fully customized to your specifications upon request. We can provide the laminated tape with either permanent or removable adhesive, in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours. The continuous hand-writable tape can be further refined to suit the user’s needs and environments, from extreme high temperatures (up to 600°C), extreme low temperatures (as low as -196°C), to exposure to direct sunlight, snow, rain and water immersion.



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