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DYMO Compatible Laboratory Cryogenic Labels


Dymo Compatible Labels uk
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Temperature Range: -196ºC to +80ºC

DYMO Compatible Laboratory Labels

GA International has the largest selection of waterproof cryogenic labels for DYMO printers. Our cryo labels for European and North American models of DYMO printers are available in various sizes and colours tailored to specific laboratory applications. We have various dimensions of tube labels and vial labels for DYMO printers. These labels can fit on:

  • 0.5ml, 0.6ml, 1.5ml, 1.6ml and 1.8ml microtubes
  • conical bottom Eppendorf tubes as well as 1ml, 1.2ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 4ml and 5ml cryo vials, microscope slides
  • other containers for biostorage.

These plastic water-proof cryo labels are specifically designed to stick and permanently stay attached to vials, microtubes, microcentrifuge tubes, glass tubes, microscope slides, microplates, freezer boxes, cryoboxes, plastic bags and other containers for long-term deep-freeze cryostorage.

Roll Format

Adhesive: permanent cryogenic 

Roll format with a core diameter of 25mm

As standard colours we use: white, grey, beige, yellow, lemon, green apple, blue, violet, red, moka, orange.

Compatible Printer

These DYMO compatible cryogenic labels are ideal for long term biostorage and biopreservation in freezers and liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen as low as -196°C (-320.8°F). They can resist immersion into water, direct contact with liquid nitrogen, multiple freeze-thaw cycles and sterilization by Gamma irradiation(25KGy- 50KGy test conditions). These Dymo cryogenic labels, Dymo freezer labels and Dymo dry ice labels are available in all European countries including Germany, Austria, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Norway, Spain and other countries in Europe or anywhere in the world. 

DYMO compatible templates are available for easy formatting and use of DTermo™cryolabels.

Large selection of eye-catching colours of cryogenic DYMO compatible labels makes sample identification and their retrieval fast and easy.  DYMO compatible colour labels contain special protective coating to protect the colour and provide a crispy clean printout.

DYMO printers have different label detection mechanism for European models compared to the North American ones. GA International labels have specially incorporated features that allow our DYMO compatible labels to work well in European models of DYMO printers as well as in North American and Canadian models of DYMO.

For custom-made cryogenic DYMO compatible cryogenic labels in different sizes, colours or custom printing (company logos, color images, graphics, serial numbers and barcodes, etc.) please contact our technical customer support at +31(0)73-7370185  or chat with us by clicking on the chat bar below.

GA International has full manufacturing capabilities to make any types of labels compatible with DYMO printers.

We also provide DYMO software template support and design of new templates.




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