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Writable Colour Dots & Rectangles Cryogenic Labels

Temperature range: -196ºC to +110ºC

Cryogenic labels specifically designed for microtube caps and cryogenic vial caps as well as for the tube sides and tube tops. We carry a wide selection of cryogenic round labels for tube caps and vial caps including for cryovials and microcentrifuge tubes. We have round dot labels in following diameters: 6.5mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, 19mm, 26mm and larger diameters of circles.

  • 6.5mm circle label is designed to fit on the top of 0.2ml PCR tubes,
  • 9mm circle label is designed for 0.5-0.6ml microtube or eppendorf  tube caps or 1-2 ml cryogenic vial tops,
  • 11mm circle label is designed for 1.5-1.8ml microtubes or eppendorf tube tops (it can also fit on the top of certain cryogenic vials),
  • 13mm circle label is designed for 1.5-1.8ml microcentrifuge tube covers,
  • 19mm circle labels are designed for 15ml Falcon tube tops, cell culture tubes or other tubes of similar volume,
  • 26mm rectangle labels can fit on 50ml Falcon tube and other containers.


These circle labels are made from special cryo materials that can stick to rough surfaces and withstand cryogenic storage at -80ºC freezers and even in liquid nitrogen storage at -196ºC (test with the brand of vial is recommended).

All these cryogenic color dots or cryogenic circle labels are available in 15 colours which is ideal for colour coding, freezer organizing and liquid nitrogen tank organizing. We also have multicolor round labels which contain 7-9 colors of round labels on the same sheet or on the same roll. The round labels come on a small Hagaki sheet format of 10cm x 15cm. One can write on these circular cryo labels with permanent markers

Thermal Transfer Colour Dots & Rectangles Cryogenic Labels

Temperature range: -196ºC to +110ºC

In addition to circle cryo labels we provide rectangle cryogenic labels in 15 colors in small Hagaki sheet format 10cm x 15cm. These 26mm x 10mm rectangular cryolabels can fit on 0.5ml tubes, 1.5ml cryotubes, cryogenic vials and microtubes. We also offer a laser printable option of the same 26mm x 10mm cryogenic labels as well as 20mm x 5.1mm PCR tube cryogenic laser labels in Hagaki format.

Cryo Labels Are Also Available In

Thermal Transfer Roll Format

A4 Laser Sheet Format

Our round and rectangular cryogenic labels are waterproof and weatherproof, can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles, direct contact with liquid nitrogen, prolonged storage in liquid phase and vapour phase liquid nitrogen, ultra-low temperature freezer storage, dry ice labeling, hot water, gamma irradiation and other harsh conditions in biological sample handling.

Lab-Tag™ round and circle labels are FDA approved for indirect food contact: FDA 21 CFR 175.105





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