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Labels For Tires



Durable labels for identification of new and used tires for storage and inventory control. Ideal for use in garages, car dealerships, specialized car service stations, storage facilities and scrap-yards. Competitively priced.

Firmly stick to all types of rubber tires (vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, tractors, etc.) as well as to any other rubber product. Made of special paper, they withstand wear and tear, arctic cold and very hot environments, water, humidity and other harsh conditions. The extra-permanent strong adhesive will remain adherent, even in presence of water and moisture.

Can be printed with 1D and 2D barcodes, serial numbers, text and graphics using thermal transfer printers. Also accept writing with permanent markers, pens and other writing instruments.

Our rubber tire labels come in white and colors. Custom made labels can be provided in any size, shape, color and configuration. We can also print company logos, graphics as well as data, according to client specifications.

For easy set-up of printing station, we provide complete printing kits including:

  • Thermal-transfer barcode printer
  • Smudge-proof resin ribbon
  • Tire labels of your choice
  • Software


green-circle.png General indoor use               blue-circle.png Weatherproof long term outdoor use           yellow-circle.png Tear-proof indoor use



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