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Industrial Price Tags

GA International provides a line of heavy-duty industrial price tag labels, ideal for tagging of nail, silicone and glue guns.

These industrial price tag labels have been designed to be able to undergo heavy-duty, thorough cleaning and lubrication processes often used on pneumatic, powder-actuated and combustion-powered guns. These tough tags constitute a safe and reliable identification solution, capable of withstanding even the harshest cleaning conditions, including ultrasonic cleaners and autoclaves (used to clean jewellery, watches, dental and surgical instruments, and firearms).

Made of a sturdy heat-resistant, tear-proof film, these industrial tags provide a secure and steadfast labelling option to identify your equipment, that you can be sure will endure years of use and storage. When printed with our RR category of ribbons, these gun tags are also resistant to spraying with ethanol, isopropanol and other alcohols, as well as detergents, bleach and DMSO. These striking gun tags can be printed with serial numbers, barcodes and safety warnings, ideal for colour-coding, easy marking, and keeping inventory of all types of guns. The price tag labels are printable with all major brands of thermal transfer printers. 



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