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Deep-Freeze Removable Labels for Containers

Specifically made for the identification of vials, tubes, as well as polypropylene and cardboard boxes, our deep-freeze removable thermal transfer labels are ideal for short and long-term storage in deep freeze environments. These freezer labels adhere firmly to containers in (-20°C, -40°C, -80°C) freezers, vapor phase liquid nitrogen and dry ice, while their glove-friendly adhesive design ensures they are still easily removable at room temperature without leaving behind any adhesive residue.

Waterproof and wear and tear proof, these removable thermal transfer barcode labels can also withstand temperatures up to +100°C, making them suitable for general lab use, for identifying beakers, flasks, boxes, and plastic or glass bottles stored in fridges and freezers, used at ambient temperatures, or above. Furthermore, these labels resist standard ethylene oxide gas sterilization, comprising a 60-minute exposure to 759mg/L of ethylene oxide gas, at 55oC, and 40-80% relative humidity, followed by a two-hour aeration cycle.

These removable freezer labels are compatible with all major thermal-transfer printers (CAB, Citizen, Zebra etc.). For optimal printout quality and durability, we recommend using our RR class of ribbons.

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