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Cryogenic Use

Cryogenic Warning Labels

Our cryogenic warning labels for liquid nitrogen and freezer storage are printed in high definition using brilliant eye-catching colours. These liquid nitrogen labels are visible from a distance and will provide increased awareness of the specific warning they are displaying. Our warning labels comply with GHS, WHIMS, OSHA, DOT regulations and requirements from other agencies. They can withstand liquid phase and vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196ºC).

These durable cryo signage labels are made from waterproof thermoplastic materials, coated with an aggressive adhesive that firmly sticks to containers inside liquid nitrogen tanks and freezers. The laminated liquid nitrogen labels can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles, alcohol and chemical spills, and have strong abrasion resistance, able to withstand scratching, rubbing and mechanical friction. Wear and tear proof, the cryo warning labels resist boiling water, and can be exposed to UV and gamma irradiation.

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