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Transparent Removable Laser Labels

TransCRYO™ Tag are transparent cryogenic removable laser printable labels. These clear cryo labels are well suited for biomedical research and clinical laboratories as well as any other industries involved in short and long-term storage of polycarbonate cryo boxes in liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen, dry ice transport, as well as polypropylene and cardboard freezer boxes in deep-freeze laboratory freezers. These clear removable laser labels are also abrasion resistant and waterproof, perfect for labelling general lab use, room-temperature, flat plastic, glass and metal surfaces. Their novel design ensures the labels and their printed information can withstand multiple cycles in the dishwasher, microwave-and autoclave, while also being resistant to boiling water. The labels are also glove-friendly, ensuring ease of application while also allowing for a clean removal from the surface without leaving behind any adhesive residue. These clear cryo labels are printable with all major brands of desktop laser printers and can be inscribed with permanent marker. For easy to format Microsoft Word templates, click here.

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