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Autoclave Inkjet Labels


Autoclave resistant labels for inkjet printers, able to resist a wide range of temperatures (from -60°C to 150°C). Durable, weatherproof and waterproof, these high-temperature resistant permanent labels are ideal for glassware, metal and plastic surfaces, surgical instruments and trays, and other items intended to be sterilized by steam autoclaves, dry-heat sterilization, gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide gas. These inkjet autoclave labels are compatible with all major brands of commercial inkjet printers, can be printed with full colour text and images, and are easy to format for use with our Microsoft Word free online templates.

Tested and approved to endure up to 10 autoclave cycles* (up to 132°C, 30psi), gamma irradiation (up to 50 KGy) and ethylene oxide gas (60-minute exposure to 759 mg/L, 55°C, 40-80% humidity). These high-pressure steam sterilization-resistant labels can also withstand spraying with ethanol, isopropanol and other alcohols. 

*Number of autoclave cycles resistance of the printed information depends on the quality of the ink used. Prior testing with intended printer/ink is strongly recommended.


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