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Autoclave Resistant Blockout Labels

Cover-up autoclave labels for thermal transfer printers, designed for high-temperature applications. Made with a strong permanent adhesive, these autoclave-resistant black-out labels adhere to both flat and curved surfaces, and won’t peel or wrinkle even at elevated temperatures, up to +150°C. Furthermore, the labels are well suited to a range of materials, including glass (Pyrex), plastic (Polypropylene) and metal (stainless steel).

Provided in an eye-catching metallic silver colour, the autoclavable opaque labels are ideal for boxes, vials, tubes, bottles, plastic bags, metal trays, electronic components, circuit boards and more. Using our RR-class of resin ribbons affords the labels a printout resistant to alcohol sprays and swabs, in addition to its resistance to water, abrasion and scratches.

Their unique design, consisting of an impenetrable grey backside, renders the labels opaque, allowing them to permanently block out outdated information, such as pre-existing text, designs, serial numbers, and barcodes. These autoclavable block-out labels are well suited for containers marked with sensitive or confidential information that need to be autoclaved prior to disposal, including biohazard and radioactive material. The labels are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Conformité Européene (CE), and can be used to obscure and protect patient information and product codes, to conceal misprinted or revised information, or to label material in cases where the previous label cannot be removed prior to steam sterilization.

Compatible with all major commercially available thermal transfer printers, provided on 1” and 3” cores. Recommended ribbons: Smudge and Alcohol Proof Resin Ribbons

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